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Our Mission

Facilitate knowledge, understanding and application of regulations and guidelines applicable to humane animal care and use for scientific purposes

Facilitate specialized training of laboratory animal care providers

Annual National/International workshops and training of different categories of institutional animal users and care givers

Analysis, advocacy, capacity building and encouraging creation of National ACURET Networks

Locating ACURET nodules in every African Country by the year 2020

Publishing lab animal welfare advances online and in print (newsletters, e-blogs, and e-journals)

Advancing public awareness on Institutional care and use of animals

Our Core Values

Animal Care and Use in Research, Education and Testing [ACURET] Organization believes that:

The use of laboratory animals for scientific purposes is necessary for improvement and protection of the quality of all life
Humane and responsible care of laboratory animals is fundamental to the quality of research and biomedical sciences
ACURET is dedicated to the gathering and propagation of the knowledge base in laboratory animal science and welfare for the education and training of those who work in this field