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  • Training programs on selected themes in Lab Animal Welfare
  • Online Forum on ETHRANET – membership registration required
  • Access to online publications on Lab animal welfare through facilitated Publishers access
  • Mentorship Network [MEN]

The peculiar benefit of the ETHRANET Series is the advancing access to multiple resources in the Open Source, which does continue to grow. ACURET is responsible for the coalition, collaboration, administration and access to the Resources

The point of entry is participation in the Training Course program. A participant becomes a member of the Series following first attendance. Further attendance earns admission unto other resources until the Certificate of Lab Animal Welfare proficiency is obtained and access is then gained to all resources within the Series. Additional resources immediately become accessible to such participants in the future



To facilitate Training of the next generation of biomedical, biotechnological and biological scientists, PIs, Research Administrators, Students, Veterinarians and lab animal handlers on Ethical issues in responsible animal experimentation [ETHRANET] in Nigeria

To achieve an attitudinal re-orientation toward responsible behaviour regarding animal experimentation in research, teaching and testing in Nigeria, by “doing the right thing, the right way, for applicable and far reaching results”

This will be achieved through

  • Training course programs held by ACURET in conjunction with NIMR (and any other third party with similar zeal, passion and interest) at NIMR 2-3 times annually resulting in the award of a certification of proficiency upon completion of the third training program. Certification is valid for three years. Renewal is required thereafter
  • Institutional prerequisite of certification for protocol consideration and approval as well as for research grant applications
  • Improvement in the kinds of research embarked by the scientists and PIs
  • Ensure reproducibility and validity of data generated form animal based experimentation
  • Ensure the inculcation of human animal care and use principles in animal experimentation
  • Capacity building for appropriate health research
  • Improvement in health research in Nigeria in general
  • Continuous, sustainable training programs mounted 2-3 times annually
  • ACURET will design and deliver on the course content, including presenters, locally and from abroad
  • NIMR will Manage the course, including course requirements (registration, facilities, logistics, publicity), with record keeping and registry of course participation, attendees and certification process.
  • Funding for the course will be mutually sourced from local, National and International sources, including third parties interested in partnering with the process, governmental scholarship for the course attendees
  • Vivarium accreditation