ACURET eMentorship

Guidance from an effective mentor can be rewarding professionally and personally for both the mentor and mentee. Animal experimentation does not always show up through pages of the books, or the single opportunity you get when you attend a 2-5 days Intensive course on animal handling. You do need someone who had been there to steady your hands holding the mice, in order not to through it in the air when it bites your finger!

The ACURET eMentorship supports members to become more successful in reaching their research and academic goals and potential via informative and interactive workshops on topics of choice, together with a personalized mentorship team that consists of local and global experts who are prepared to help fosters relationships aimed at high-level leadership and personal development within a structured timeframe. Throughout the mentorship process, Mentees work toward goals and establish personal accountability, while Mentors support them through next-level education and engagement.

How does it work?
eMentorship relationships last 10-12 months, during which the Mentee and Mentor meet face-to-face, online, email, social media, teleconference or via any means mutually available to them for one to three hours each month to work toward setting and realizing personalized, measurable and attainable goals. ACURET will help facilitate the application and matching process, and kick off pairs at an ACURET event. From there, Mentees drive the relationship, with an eMentorship Chair checking in periodically to ensure healthy progress. After a year, the relationship ends with a celebration of achievements.

Become a Mentor
When you were starting your career, did you ever wish you had someone to talk to who was further along in their own Academic journey? Now you can do that for someone else! Be a Mentor and share your knowledge with a Mentee to help them gain a new outlook on their goals and carrer.

Become a Mentee
Sometimes it is difficult to see your career from the outside. Let your Mentor give you the 10,000-foot view you're missing. As a Mentee, you can take control of your growth in career and beyond by working with a Mentor to achieve goals and gain fresh perspectives.

Want to learn more about the program, its benefits or how to get involved? Contact the eMentorship team today