Courses and Training


The ACURET Laboratory Animal Care Assistantship Training (LACAT) Program is a hybrid-based blended learning certificate training program lasting 16 weeks. The Program is comprised of 180 hours of Instructor-led classroom learning, 112 hours of supervised and direct-hands-on laboratory exposure, 112 hours of self-online learning and 56 hours of collective learning in small groups. Candidates will undertake two steps of examination as part of their summative and formative assessments of their competences for the award of certification in humane animal welfare and husbandry. The certificate would count towards 12 credit hours of course work for an undergraduate degree program. The program will be deliver in collaboration with selected Institutions, with animal holding facilities that MUST be accredited or will be prepared to undergo accreditation for the purpose of the training program. For further details and an indication of an interest, please contact