What We Believe

Core Values

Animal Care and Use in Research, Education and Testing [ACURET] Organization believes that: 

  • The use of laboratory animals for scientific purposes is necessary for improvement and protection of the quality of all life 
  • Humane and responsible care of laboratory animals is fundamental to the quality of research and biomedical sciences 
  • ACURET is dedicated to the gathering and propagation of the knowledge base in laboratory animal science and welfare for the education and training of those who work in this field 

We also believe that the use of animals is also necessary for testing the potency and safety of biological substances, for determining the toxicity of the rapidly growing number of synthetic substances that never existed before in nature and which may represent a hazard to health.

Noting that past progress has depended, and further progress in the foreseeable future will still depend, largely on animal experimentation, we are therefore dedicated to humanely approach these surrogate lives for the overall benefit of human and animals by the following guides:

  • (i) Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals
    • The Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (Guide) is a widely accepted primary reference on animal care and use. The 8th and latest edition of the Guide, published in 2011, was written under the auspices of the Institute for Laboratory Animal Research of the National Academy of Sciences.http://www.aaalac.org/resources/Guide_2011.pdf


ACURET.Org is resolute on these principles, in the trust that they ensconce motivation, determination and strong desire in our pursuits of quality in Animal care and use for scientific purposes in developing countries.

  • Academic Freedom: ACURET fosters an environment that promotes lively academic discourse, appreciate and treasure free scientific inquiry, lending to reputable scientific discovery and innovation in laboratory animal welfare in developing countries.
  • Collaboration: In teaching, research and testing, ACURET enthusiastically seeks collaborations and partnership within its own ranks, with public and private institutions, governmental agencies and communities.
  • Ultimate Diversity: ACURET takes pride in the diversity in most developing countries. It is a privilege to attract and provide training to the diverse populations, irrespective of the cultural, socioeconomic, religious and political orientations.
  • Resourceful Development: ACURET promote the growth and development of all members through a commitment to lifelong learning and achievements while steadfastly dedicated to excellence in educational opportunities, scientific discovery.
  • Egalitarian Service: ACURET is devoted to undertaking all its activities with the highest standards of ethics, openness, fairness, respect, accountability and safeguards the expression of informed viewpoints without the fear of repercussion or reprisal.
  • Total Commitments: ACURET pledge to energetically move on these principles in the arena of public policy and to confront all threats to their perpetuation with creativity and courage.


  • Ensure all research animals receive good care and humane treatment in accordance with applicable laws;
  • Use animal models only when non-animal methods are inadequate or inappropriate;
  • Use as few animals as possible and minimize the potential for pain and distress in those that must be used;
  • Design experiments so that all animal studies yield scientifically reliable results.

This MUST be based on: 

  1. Scientific Merit
  2. Compliance with animal care and use policies
  3. Meeting goals for animal use of the three R’s: Replacement, Reduction and Refinement 
  4. Procedures that will minimize animal pain, distress and discomfort