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I Pledge to….. in 2021

While increased funding for animal-free innovations is certainly a positive development, funding for animal research remains necessary to secure our future health, as alternatives will never fully replace animal research.

Lab Animal welfare in 2020: What to expect?

Globally, lab animal welfare is making the rounds. Scientists, animal researchers, the scientific community and the public are all in a frizzy of ensuring that animals used in research, education and testing of any sort are use only on conditions Read more

Selected Lab Animal Welfare Events around the world

Animal Science and Technology Conference (AST2020), Edinburgh, UK.  24-26 March 2020 PRIM&R 2020 IACUC Conference Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research (PRIM&R) Orlando, FL, USA. 5–7 April 2020 36th LAMA/ATA Annual Conference, Scotsdale, USA. 21-23 April 2020 9th AFLAS Congress 2020, Read more

2020 RANEXT Basics Course

Raising the Bar on Africans skilled in humane animal care and use for Scientific purposesIN Africa, ACURET will in 2020 expand it Education and Training Program -The ETHRANET Series- in Nigeria, Uganda and Ethiopia respectively conduction the RANEXT Basic Course Read more