National workshop on “IACUC in Nigeria” 23rd to 26th October 2019 @ IITA Ibadan

The National Workshop on “IACUC in Nigeria” was held between the 23rd and 26th October 2019 at IITA, Ibadan, Nigeria, organized by ACURET with support from the Veterinary Council of Nigeria.  

The objective of the workshop was to spur Universities in Nigeria and Africa at large into achievement of properly constituted and functionally active IACUC, for the purpose of quality assurance in animal-based research. The workshop attracted participants from the academia and government agencies within Nigeria and other African countries. Facilitators from three other countries were invited to deliver series of integrated presentations bordering on the science, ethics, and management of animals utilized in research including human safety working with laboratory animals. 

The National workshop was a train-the-trainers workshop aimed to inspire and instigate establishment of animal ethics committees on every Nigeria University with an animal hold premises on its campus. The workshop had8 speakers lined up with 2 plenary sessions, 13 lectures, 2 breakout session and a symposium. An exhibition was planned for related industry to enhance the needed partnership between academia in lab animal science and the business locally and Regionally. The was Intended exhibition was eventually postponed due to the poor responses from those who were sought as exhibitors to display their company brands, come to the cognizance of university delegates and set up sales chain for future leverages for an interface between the academic and industry. 

Overall, the Workshop was attended by 20 delegates from 7 Universities, 6 speakers, 6 ACURET Volunteer Workers and 6 student volunteers. Delegates from institutions without an IACUC and/or laboratory animal facility confirmed they appreciated and understood what it takes to establish a functional one in their institutions while those who have in dilapidated conditions are highly motivated towards reforming their set-up. At the end of this successful workshop, the delegates and facilitators constituted the Workshop Compendium and issued recommendations adoptable by Nigerian Universities for disseminations to all Universities including the regulatory body, the NUC.