How We Do What We Do


  • Increase awareness of and support for national and regional application of regulations and guidelines applicable to humane animal care and use for scientific purposes in developing countries.
  • Organize National and Regional training programs on matters relating animal care and use in research, education and testing in developing countries
  • Conduct specialize training programs for principal investigators, animal handlers, research and program administrators, regulatory bodies on regulations and guidelines for humane animal care and use
  • Implement the creation of National ACURET Networks through Analysis, advocacy, capacity building in every African Country by the year 2020
  • to encourage and empower National ACURET to address developmental challenges and become an effective voice in national, regional and global institutions;
  • Promote collaboration and harmonization in humane animal care and use in research, education and testing.
  • to collect, classify and disseminate information on Laboratory animal medicine and welfare, particularly in Africa
  • Develop and promote publications on advances in Laboratory animal medicine and welfare
  • to organize, encourage and support public fora for information dissemination and exchange and policy dialogue on issues of Institutional care and use of laboratory animals for scientific purposes
  • Liaise and promote linkages with international bodies/agencies with similar interests