Rodentia is the official Newsletter of ACURET.ORG for the dissemination of news, advances and discoveries on laboratory animal welfare 

Research organizations seeking to understand biological correlations cannot avoid working with and experiments on animals. It is imperative therefore that the protection of the research animals is a particular concern. The welfare of animal used in research, education and testing, (including transportation, responsible handling, appropriate diet of the animal’s species) is an essential ethical obligation which are essential precondition for obtaining reliable and reproducible scientific results. 

IN order to promote further awareness and increase the avenue of information, ACURET.ORG releases RODENTIA, its newsletter as a regularly distributed publication 

a) Highlights key developments and viewpoints in the field of humane animal care and use for scientific purposes from a wide variety of sources, including articles, research reports circulating in the media, academy, think tanks, private sector, government and nonprofit organizations. 

b) Serve as a medium for communication among ACURET members, and as a voice for the diversity of member’s views cognizant of the socioeconomic, political, religious and political diversities of developing countries as well as in the broader academic world. 

The Newsletter publishes articles, letters, editorials, and data deemed of interest to the membership. Contributions are welcome from all voting and non-voting categories of members. Articles and letters represent the views of the author.

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Rodentia Vol 2:(I) October 2019